Poke Assistant's Trainer Stats is a tool for trainers to track their Pokemon Go progression without connection to their Pokemon Go account or Niantic servers. Read on for details or log in to enter your first record.

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Historical Tracking

See how your key stats progress as you play. Uploaded new stats whenever you wish.


Achievement Forecasting

Forecasts for future achievements based on average growth rates. Trainers can forecast the number of days until achievement based on their lifetime growth rate or the growth rate since the previous upload


Level Forecasting

Progression and forecasts for future levels based on average growth rates. Trainers can forecast based on their lifetime growth rate or the growth rate since the previous upload


Friend Sharing

Got some buddies you like to play with? Send friend requests and track each other's performance and catch 'em all together.


Global Stats

Ever wondered where you sit on the scale of Pokemon trainers? Do you earn a lot of XP/km compared to the average trainer? Are you more of a battler or an explorer compared to others? Are you sure your biome gives a higher percentage of Normal type Pokemon?



Faster Stat Uploads

Naturally CSV upload is coming for all our geeky friends who have been recording their stats this whole time. But we're also having fun learning to code neural networks at the moment and perhaps it could help speed up how quickly/easily you could upload stats from the Pokemon Go app to Poke Assistant. The fastest way however would be for Niantic to implement a simple api or csv exporter in their app. I've found in life that you usually have to ask in order to receive. Send a request to Niantic for better player stat exporting/sharing.


Will I get banned?

No, absolutely not:

Poke Assistant asks for some stats and I'm not sure where I can find them?



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Trainer Stats
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