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Poke Assistant provided the first online suggestions for Best Attackers and Best Defenders, while still in beta. Outside of beta it was the first to calculate and show Move DPS for users, provide the first online IV Calculator (excluding early manual spreadsheets), the first online Evolve Calculator and most recently the first Catch Chance Calculator and Dynamic Stardust Planner.

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Anonymous 31/05/2016

The basic move 'Splash' is a water type. Currently you have it listed as normal. This probably won't make a huge difference, as it is listed here and in-game as doing 0 damage.

Great catch! Interesting difference between Pokemon Go and the main series. Apparently, the Japanese word "haneru", can mean both splash and hop, which is why it has always been a normal move in the main series. In fac, the original translator appears to have stated that it should have been translated to "hop" or "flop". I wonder if this was intentional from Niantic.

Anonymous 12/07/2016

Does the score of the "Best Defenders" list for each pokémon account for the proportion of other pokémon that would have an advantage or disadvantage against it?

Great idea! But no it doesn't, it's certainly something we've considered. We settled on it being a little harsh since existence of Mew would bring down the score of all Poison Pokemon as much as a Weedle would hurt the score of all Psychic Pokemon, despite a Weedle being infinitely more common than Mew. If we did implement some scaling based on likely advantages against the defender, we'd want to do it based on the rarity of all Pokemon in the game. We're waiting for Niantic to settle things down and some good numbers on rarity posts launch.

davidgro 22/07/2016

It looks like the attackers/defenders/team lists are still assuming 2x and .5x, when it's been found that the real Type bonuses are 1.25x and .8x. Could just be that the icons need updating though.

Adjusted, as more research is done we'll continue to update the tools to match :)

Anonymous 22/07/2016

From creating the first excel IV calculator I must give you praise for taking it to the programming level - this is a very easy layout! May I suggest providing a percent perfect MAX and MIN to the side for easy consideration? I did (CPcurrent-CPmin)/(CPmax-CPmin) for the known level. hope this contributes! (My original was used by Eggixx to create his =) https://www.reddit.com/r/TheSilphRoad/comments/4tbp3r/find_your_hidden_iv_scores_determine_which_ones/

Done and done sir! Glad that a forerunner of research appreciates the tools :) It's hard to stay at the cutting edge keeping this site running so please do provide feedback if you'd like to see improvements. I'm looking forward to the precise damage/combat formulas coming out.

Anonymous 25/07/2016

Hi, thanks for your hard work. I'm not sure if I'm posting a bug-report or an update here: I just found an Eevee with the following Stats: 465CP, 65HP and 1900candy for evolving. When I enter this in your IV-Calc i got the answer, that Eevee has to be lvl16. But everyone is saying, that captured Pokémon are odd levels. So is this a bug in the calc or are not all pokémon captured are odd level? thanks for a reply regards

Hey mate, So Pokemon only spawn at odd levels if you're counting levels 1,2,3......80. We prefer to count in the way the game code seems to intend: Pokemon only have 40 levels, but require 2 power-ups each level. So this tool counts 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5......40.5. This makes sense right? A Pokemon won't spawn "powered-up" half way through a level. So on this tool, Pokemon only spawn on "whole levels" not powered-up half way between them. The end effect is the same, people are just counting on two different systems. :)

zPerfektioNz 29/07/2016

Good Morning, This is the only method of contact I have found for you. I do YouTube videos on Pokemon GO and came across your tool. I would like to use this tool to make a video on "understanding the stats and potential of your pokemon". Would you be ok with me featuring your website and tools in the video? I will definitely be dropping a link to your tools in the description of the video. I am looking forward to hearing back from you. REDACTED is the best way to contact me. Thank you,

Not a problem at all mate. As a content creator, I'm sure you appreciate as much as we do a reference to your original work. We have zero problems with our tools being featured in the media if the link is provided back to the source.

Snackanator 31/07/2016

At https://pokeassistant.com/main/stats under the "Event" table, you show that "Defeat Pokemon Training" as 10 XP and 100 Prestige. This is the minimum you can earn with the maximum being 100 XP and 1000 Prestige with the number being based on the difference between the attacking and defending Pokemon's CP.

Updated :)

Anonymous 31/07/2016

Hey there. Your IV calculator is my favorite one and I use it quite a lot. Unfortunately I have to rely on some other calculators in addition because of a missing feature. The tables showing the worst and best case CP values are strictly tied to the maximum Pokemon level 40.5. In my opinion a choice of the pokemon level is much more valuable for a user of the calculator. This could be implemented by a simple pokemon level field and an update button for the comparision tables. Alternatively an additional field for the input data is added for the current trainer level resulting in the according maximum Pokemon level for the comparison tables. Besides a user-set trainer level would be an upper bound possibly eliminating some IV combinations exceeding that level. Anyway I'd really really love an adjustable comparison feature :-)

This is a great idea, I'll start work on it right now :)

Anonymous 01/08/2016

Hello, minor thing. I found that the XP you get from hatching an egg depends on how long you had to hatch the egg. Basically, what I've seen is that it's 100x the distance that you walked, so 2km egg will give 200, 5km gives 500, and 10km gives 1000. Also, hatching a new pokemon gives a bonus 500 experience as well. When I hatched my Lapras (didn't have one before) I got 1500, presumably 1000 from the 10km egg, and 500 for new pokemon bonus. I believe all you have listed on the XP page is 200 for hatching an egg. Also, I've found a pretty easy way to calculate the amount of evolutions you can squeeze out of a given number of candy. I wanted to write my own little program to do it, it was gonna be recursive and cute, but I found out while writing the code that it's very simple, if you will not be transferring its simply (#candy held - 1)/(#candy to evolve - 1), and if you are transferring it's gonna be (#candy held - 2)/(#candy to evolve - 2). The results of these calculations need to be rounded down, but if you are doing integer division with a computer then you will be fine anyways. Probably pretty inconsequential, given that if you do know about it, then this info isn't very helpful, and if you don't know about it, then it's not gonna change much in terms of the time taken to complete the calculation. It's a nice little thing though if you are out and about trying to evolve pidgeys to just subtract 2 and divide by 10 to see how many you can evolve. Of course, if you have more pidgeys than can be evolved you'll want to transfer some and perhaps run the calculation again, but it's pretty easy. Cheers :)

XP Event table updated with distanced walked formula and re-worded so that the 500xp bonus is clearly also meant for hatching and catching, thanks for the improvement :)

Anonymous 08/08/2016

Hey, having noticed you've been making pretty consistent improvements to these tools I have just a small bit of feedback here regarding the IV Calculator form fields. After checking my IV's for a pokemon I used to be able to make small adjustments to the CP/HP for my next pokemon using the up/down arrows instead of retyping the CP/HP. Now whenever I go to click up/down it resets the number to zero and I have to hold the arrow longer to get it where I want it or type it in. Not really a big deal just thought it was a little easier to click up or down a few times instead of retyping it in. I'm on the latest version of Chrome. Thanks.

Yeah this was a tough call for us. The majority of users are mobile for us so they tend to get priority. For them, having to backspace out the fields each time they wanted to input a new candidate chewed a lot of time when running through Pokemon quickly. The "clear on select" functionality is intended so that you can just select the field and then bash in the new CP/HP etc immediately.

Anonymous 09/08/2016

Minor text fixes :-) "Thank you, your feedback has been recieved." -> it should be "received" (#GrammarNazi)

People like you need to exist :P Thanks kindly.

Muschglu 09/08/2016

Hi, is your move list/set the right one? Eurogamer and sthesilpfroad have other DPS data. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2016-08-02-pokemon-go-moves-movesets-move-list-and-highest-dps-attacks https://thesilphroad.com/research I hope s.o. can explain the different numbers.

Our formula is listed at the bottom of the Move List page. It's not clear to us how other groups decide to calculate DPS. But looking at their numbers at the time of writing, they are at least not factoring in the time required to press and hold charge moves. In which case, I would consider ours more accurate.

Anonymous 10/08/2016

hi (repete after login) - little idea 2 Evolver + add number of candy for evolve (by name) + add CP power by 1 Power up thx @3knedle

Well it's already sitting in the database :P We'll make some time to add that in shortly.

Anonymous 12/08/2016

Thanks for the awesome tool! I'd just like to suggest using medians instead of averages since it's going to be more descriptive of this type of data.

I like the cut of your jib. Let me put that on the to-do list.

Anonymous 12/08/2016

Hi, I have found a problem in IV Calculator. I just submit a Paras with CP 12, HP 10 and Dust 200, and in my game the CP line is at minimum. But at the table that shows best and worst IV's, even the best Paras possible with level 1 (as is mine), only have HP 7... But my Paras has 12. Some data might be wrong...

Oooo nice catch. The data and main IV finder calculation is accurate, but I need to put a max function on those extra tables so that, just like Niantic, HP and CP doesn't go below 10.

Anonymous 13/08/2016

Your "Pidgey Spam" calculator is giving me some weird results. It would seem that the calculator thinks it requires 10 candies to evolved Pidgey, Weedle, and Caterpie, rather than 12. Should be a rather easy fix, I would think!

Hey mate, I might need to add some explanation to the Pidgey calc. What you are seeing is accurate, it does effectivly cost 10 candies to evolve a pidgey after factoring in some other effects. The effective price is reduced by 1 because you always get a Candy after you evolve the Pokemon. The effective price is reduced by 1 again if if you've selected "Transfer" as "Yes" and will be getting back another Candy when you transfer each Pidgeotto. You stil need 12 to start the evolution, but once the math all falls out, it will look like the price was only 10.

ToneLoke14 13/08/2016

Not sure if I did something wrong but after logging in some of the pages are in Chinese or some similar language. I tried setting English as my preference but no change. Is there a way to display everything in English?

Ha, sorry about that :P We've been internaitonalizing the site and you might have logged in at the perfect time to load a bad cache while we were working on things. If you've already changed your language preference and it's still weird, clear your browser's cache and it should all be fine. Do let us know your phone/browser etc if you continue to have issues.

Anonymous 13/08/2016

please adjust IV calculator see https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonGOIVs/comments/4x2f6v/some_iv_range_calculators_have_been_using_the/

This has already been done. Please petition that user to update the post.

Anonymous 14/08/2016

You get 25xp when a Pokemon runs away from you.

I guess we've been too shattered to notice :P

Anonymous 15/08/2016

I am having pokemon appear in the "Best Attackers" list even after I have selected to "skip" them because I do not yet own those particular pokemon. The "Skip" button is does not appear next to these pokemon that are showing up when they shouldn't be, so I can't "skip" them again. Please advise if this is a bug. I have cleared my cache on Google Chrome, but still see this issue. I am using a Windows 7 PC on Google Chrome Version 52.0.2743.116 m.

The skip button skips all Pokemon of that type with that type fast move. When we first built in preferences, it was for the now lesser used "Team Select" tool. This tool only bothers checking Pokemon that have a fast move matching one of it's types, ignoring moves without STAB. For this reason, preferences are only bound to Pokemon that have a fast move that matches one of their types. So you can skip a Charmander with Fire moves, and all Charmander's with fire fast moves will disappear from the Best Attacker tool too. But currently, there is no preference for a Charmander with a Normal move, because it doesn't match one of its types, and therefore there is no Skip button for it. It's a legacy from when the Team Select tool was the one with Preferences, before we expanded them to best attacker. Your feedback is noted and changing how prefs work is on the to-do list.

Eskateip 15/08/2016

Hi Guys, Let's say I got a lvl 20 squirtle, when I evolve him will the wartortle still be lvl 20? Thanks for the tools!

Yeah mate, levels only change through Power-Up.

Anonymous 20/08/2016

Your best defenders list could use a look at. I think you may need to adjust the formula. Rattata is 4 pokemon higher on the list than mewtwo. I am almost certain that a mewtwo at the same level of Rattata would be much more difficult to knock out of a gym. I'm not sure what you came up with, maybe most bang for your buck according to cp? However I think labeling it best defenders is inaccurate. I appreciate and love the site though!

You're right. When we first put together the best defenders formula it was beta still. At the time, the final defender score included dividing a number by the count of type weaknesses above 1. This made sense back then when the assumption was that Pokemon Go was using a main series 6 type table. As it has turned out, types are far less important in Pokemon Go than the old games. We've adjusted the formula to divide by (Count of Weaknesses > 1)^0.3. This still penalises Pokemon with a lot of weaknesses, but no so much that Rattata (1 weakness) is calculated to be a better defender than Mewtwo (3 weaknesses). You can see the full formula now at the bottom of the defenders page.

Anonymous 20/08/2016

I just evolved a Geodude all the way up to a Golem and I wanted to check if it had the best move set. My Golem has Mud Slap and Stone Edge. I noticed that Mud Slap isn't listed as a quick move for Golem, only Mud Shot and Rock Throw. I can send a screen shot if needed to prove the move set, but I don't see that feature here. Thanks for all the hard work. I love this site, it helped me out a lot.

Much appreciate the kind words :) Niantic has just updated the move sets for several Pokemon, they're now reflected in our sites data base. We'll be adding back historical movesets shortly for trainers who have the now unobtainable movesets.

Meatberry 21/08/2016

Sometimes I already know my pokemon level. Since your IVs listing only displays the first 20 combinations, it sometimes shows as (example): Max pokemon level is 6, but all first IV combinations are for a level 5 pokemon. This is specially annoying if I already know my pokemon is level 6 and cannot see the IVs for it. Additionally, you could add an input field where trainers that do know their pokemon level, can input it and the IVs would filter for that level (leave blank if you dont know the level).

Hm, unique use case. Adding in all the possible IVs and having the user click in order to un-hide past row 20 could be the best option. I'm hesitant to add another input to the tool without many other users requesting the same function, I suspect it would clutter the interface when 99.9% of searches wouldn't use it. Frustration noted, it's on the to-do list.

Anonymous 26/08/2016

Why is it needfully to login with my Google account to change the language to German on your site? Since Niantic often ban innocent users in the past I'm carefullly to login with my Google account in any Pokemon Go related sites.

Nothing on the website breaches ToS. This website does not communicate with Niantic's servers at all, they do not know you have logged in. If you still want to other-worldly safe, then use a throwaway email. As the developer however, I've been logged into Poke Assistant with my main google address since day one, even in Beta. This same account has an Ingress character tied to it with many hundreds more hours invested in it than even the most avid Pokemon Go player. There is zero risk to logging with your Google account.

Anonymous 28/08/2016

Why e.g. the attacks "Ruckzuckhieb" for "Sterndu" and "Starmie" and "Psystrahl" for "Starmie" (German spelling) are crossed out? My Pokemons still have this attacks. What's the reason? The Pokemon pictures also doesn't appear in the Attack-List of this attacks anymore.

These moves are no longer obtainable, you won't see a new wild Pokemon or fresh evolution with these moves. Your "legacy" Pokemon with these now unobtainable moves could be collectors items.

CatInABlender 29/08/2016

Please add a search or filter to the Move Sets page. This page currently relies on the browser for searchability, which is unreliable. Example: I use Chrome on Android and from the menu I chose Add To Home Screen for quick access and lower memory usage. Now there is no browser search functionality because the website is acting as a native app.

Done :)

Anonymous 30/08/2016

Hi there! I love all the effort you guys put into this, Pokeassistant totally needs a twitter account so that we can send some love your way. Anyway! I really appreciate how quickly the Att Def HP refining checkboxes were added to the IV calculator once Appraisals came out, but I was wondering if you guys could also add checkboxes for the other pieces of information that the team leaders provide (IV range, the range of its best stat etc.) I know, I know, the current system already allows us to narrow down the IVs to 2-3 (or sometimes even just one) but... pretty please? :D

Added :)

Anonymous 02/09/2016

Hi, having just checked your localisation (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1soWIs2qehf2XLhej-gGjxcRoBm-WM30bAYY3M7Vlzes/htmlview?usp=sharing&sle=true), I thought you might like to know that you've got the Team Valor descriptions for r13-14, and r15 the wrong way round! Love the site, and wanted to help ensure that the content is 100% for every other dedicated Pokemon trainer! :-)

You were one of the earliest and most polite to point out this error :P Fixed

Anonymous 03/09/2016

Hello there! I'm encountering a very small problem with a non-powered Pidgeotto. The following are the stats: CP: 427 HP: 67 Dust: 1600 Best Attribute: Def, "exceeds calculations" (15) The IV calculator returns a single IV possibility of 80%; however, the Pidgeotto has only "caught (Blanche's) attention" which should mean less than 80%? Thanks and sorry because I don't know how else to submit this odd behaviour. Thanks so much btw you guys, I know you work so super hard on this - you guys are the best ever.

Hey mate, the calculator is accurate. The early publications from other websites of the text and what they translate to are incorrect. The topmost text results from your leader are for results >80%, not results >=80%. People are still relying on old incorrect translations, we'll do our best to keep everything accurate here at Poke Assistant.

brilligtove 09/09/2016

Hi, folks. I'm trying to put together a spreadsheet to help me calculate which Pokemon to keep and which ones I can transfer. I've noticed discrepancies between the DPS listed in the Movesets for individual Pokemon (https://pokeassistant.com/movesets?locale=en) and the Move List 9https://pokeassistant.com/main/movelist?locale=en). For example, in the Move List, Power Whip is a 22.6 Charge attack, but in the Bulbasaur Moveset it is listed as 28.2 DPS. Which one is correct? Or am I not understanding what is being shown in each page?

Yeah we should make this clearer. On the Moveset page, where a move is listed in connection with it's Pokemon, we can therefor calculate the additional damage boost from the STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus). So if the move on the Moveset page is with a Pokemon with a matching type, it's DPS will be shown after the effect of STAB and be higher than the "base DPS" on the Movelist page as you noticed.

Anonymous 27/09/2016

Your IV calculator is very useful. I was thinking you can include a "stardust and candies used" whenever the user drag up the level of the wild pokemon. Your current one is on the total amount required to max it at trainer level 40 which is a long long way for most players. Let us drag to the level we want to see and we can see how much resource it takes to power up say a high IV low CP pokemon.

You and many other users have been looking for a mechanic like this :) We've added it to the "Stardust Strategy" page. May tweak the IV calculator in the future too.

Anonymous 09/10/2016

I love your iv calculator and have been using the same for a long time. How can I get the app for the same? I cannot find any download links.

Hey mate, we get requests for an app all the time. Currently, we think there are enough apps in the world and converting this website to an app wouldn't add anything for users. Using Chrome on Android or Safari on iOS will let you "save bookmark to homescreen". It will look like an app, work like an app and there's one single point to manage and bug fix for all users, PC, Android, iOS. We're not totally ruling out developing apps in the future, but right now, it just doesn't make sense for us.

Anonymous 15/10/2016

Hello! I made a translation to Russian language. Actually I'm not quite sure in the translation of the names of some moves, but once you add it to your collective google spreadsheet there might be some comments or corrections from other Russian-speaking people (i hope so). Here's the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dvAL3zU6kZnqIptW7Zepn0NwAJPRT_ZP8kfYUzHwRyE/edit?usp=sharing Thank you for your site! Keep up the good work!

Added! Hail mother Russia!

Anonymous 16/10/2016

Hi. I just submitted a request to show a way see how high cp do a Pokemon can be at different levels. I wanted to mention that I do see a slider bar at the bottom of the iv calculator, but it doesn't do anything. Nothing changes from level 1 to level 40. If that could be adjusted to show changes between levels, then it would be helpful. Thanks.

Perhaps you're blocking javascript in your browser? Sliding that bar will show the HP and CP of a Pokemon at every level given its known Stamina, Atk and Def stats. If it continues to not perform, please confirm your device and browser with us.

zamboni314 18/10/2016

Just a quick thanks for this site. I'm a pretty casual player of PokemonGo and it's my first Pokemon game ever. I found PokeAssistant when looking for a clearer understanding of the game mechanics and was blown away by the quality of the site. Visual, content, organization...everything. Y'all just nailed it. Even your approach to ads and your candid discussion of ad blockers right here on this page. Know that you're the first site i've ever whitelisted. Thanks, and i hope it is as rewarding to your team as it is to us players.

Really appreciate your kind words :) It feels really good to have created something you and others appreciate. Thanks again.

pogosfunforoldpeople 22/10/2016

Have you updated the pidgey spam calculator to reflect Niantic's most recent update that shortened the time to evolve? Thanks! Brilliant site!

Full site has been updated to reflect this change :)

Anonymous 29/11/2016

I love your IV Calculator. I use it everytime, thank you so much. But I want to point something out. Maybe I'm wrong, but if you take the first appraisal into consideration you could discards possibles IV's, like, if the Team Leader says the best line, then your Pokemon's IV's could be 82.2% or higher, so every other possible IV% below 82.2 could be discarded.

You're totally right in that we could add another drop down box and another filter. But every benefit has a cost. And we're not sure that the minor benefit of adding this extra drop down is worth the further interface complication. We use the tool ourselves, and we still feel like this filter is easy enough to do mentally, if it's necessary at all. We're torn about this, but for now, we're happy with how clean and simply the interface is.

Anonymous 01/12/2016

Hi, is your stardust strategy page still valid? When i use the IV calculator, it seems to show a 15-20% increase in CP for most pokemon when leveling from 30 to 40, rather than the <10% mentioned in the stardust strategy page.

Hey mate, valid question with a valid reason for the difference. You're correct in observing the "power difference" displayed on the Stardust strategy page shows a smaller difference than when you look at the CP scaling between the same levels. The power difference shown on the Stardust Strategy page is 8.39% because that is how much the CPS (CP Scalar) grows by between those levels (0.737->0.793116). This is the proxy we use on this page for a Pokemon's power growth. CP however, is a summary number created by Niantic that, within its formula, includes (CP Scalar)^2. Doing the math for the same levels, but first raising them to the power of two will generate a growth in CP of 17.5%. CP however, is just a summary number Niantic has invented to "simplify" the game for a mobile audience. The number itself isn't used anywhere important. For example, the damage that your Pokemon does is dependent on the Pokemon's effective attack, which itself is determined by the following formula: Attack = (Base Attack + Attack IV) * CPS. It's CPS, not CPS^2 that determines this particular perspective of power and its the same in other aspects of the game. CP is a nice simple, single number. But it's not used to determine anything in the game of significance, which is why we've use the raw CP Scalar as a proxy for the Pokemon's power growth, not the CP growth.

micacious 03/12/2016

Check the IV Calculator stats for Metapod. I suspect you just missed adjusting them after the latest Niantic update. It doesn't find any matches for the several I've tried. (Not that it matters much.)

Updated :)

Anonymous 15/12/2016

The slide bar for dusts is not correct at the begin and at the end. From level 1-1.5, 1.5-2, 2-2.5 and 2.5-3 are necessary 200 stardusts for each Power Up. On site, from level 2.5-3 is displayed 400, which is incorrect. This error is carried for each 4-leveled group and so on until the last levels. As I can notice, from level 38.5-39 the correct is 9000 stardusts and 12 candies, although on the site displays 10000 stardusts and 15 candies. If my explanation is too confious I can provide a spreadsheet I created. Hope it helps. :-)

Very, very nice find! Patched in the upcoming update. :)

Anonymous 21/12/2016

Two Questions - One - Does your Best Defender list assume equal CP level? For instance my experience is that a CP 787 Chansey will be crushed by a CP 1200 Snorlax even though the Snorlax is actually a lower level pokemon. Two - do you update stats on the Pokemon stats page very often - I have a level 30 Kingler with 89 HP and your stats page indicates a max HP of 87?

Nice questions. "Best Defender", and anywhere else in the website we say "max" means that Pokemon is assumed to be level 40.5. High level players have found that this level is currently obtainable, but it exists in the game files and its already a bit of an "industry standard" that is used to measure Pokemon across this and other sites. It would have no affect in ordering Pokemon as all Pokemon are compared at this same level 40.5. We'll add some words clarifying this on the defender page :) That second question is nice find. We update the site exactly as Niantic does, real-life permitting, we might be up to 24 hours behind a new update to the game. Throughout the website when we say "Max CP" or "Max HP" we calculate these values by using the known formulas after adding on perfect IV values of +15. For this particular page, you've discovered we left that adjustment out, so the max HP was for a Kingler with 0 IV's. You'll see in the next update that a Kingler's max HP will correctly read 99.

Anonymous 26/12/2016

Hello, Very nice site ! Thanks you ! One suggestion for IV page, we can find how many CP will have our pokemon if we evolve it. Though, sliding with level slider, we can only see remaining dust and candies to power to max (to level 40.5). This is a bit useless as you suggest not to go above level 30 on the dust page. Instead, it would be nicer (at least to me) to get the dust and candies to go to the level indicated by slider (from current level of the pokemon). This way, if we have X candies, we can see until which level we can go. You could also display needed dust and candies to both level 40.5 and level selected by slider. Regards, [email protected]

Hi there, You are not the first to want a little more flexability in the output of Dust/Candy requirements on the IV calculator. It's the holiday season and a perfect chance to ignore the family and code this little change :P I'll work this into the next update.

Mapping Data

Mapping is going to be a big game, it's not something PA is going to play in.

With the changes to the game, like an absence of guardians and fields to spoof down, as well as 3 teams instead of the us-vs-them of Ingress, right now I don't feel packet sniffing and scraping will have the same awful affect it had on Ingress. Whilst in Ingress packet sniffing was a tool used by dicks, for lack of a better word, to ruin people's days. I'd go as far to suggest that sniffing in Pokemon Go will provide a valuable service without hurting the game. After years of moaning in the Ingress community, I believe Niantic has conceded that as long as humans can play the game, so can bots, and they've designed their new game with that in mind.

Poké Assistant's best gear and accessories
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