Hi trainer! Poke Assistant is a collection of tools, tips and information for Pokemon Go Trainers to help them play, evolve and battle. We aim to provide the most useful Pokemon Go strategy and tips. See below of an introduction to all of the tools.

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Start preparing for Generation two now.

Avoid 75% of the damage in battle with this simple tip.

Plan how to earn and spend the most valuable resource in Pokemon Go.

Get all the information you need to select the best buddy for you.

Can your Pokemon be the best? Find out its IV's and view the maximum Attack, Defence and HP for any Pokemon you have.

Ever wanted to know the chance of catching that Pokemon?

There's more to maximising XP/hour than spamming Pidgey, check out XP Batching and other tips/misc items here.

Poke Assistant's recommendations for real world gear to enhance your game time.

Got a lot of Pidgey? Find the optimal amount to transfer in order to maximise evolutions during double XP.

Stats on every Pokemon in Pokemon Go, rarity, attack defence, stamina, flee rate, capture chance, moves, everything.

Is your 500CP Pidgey going to evolve into something higher than your 700 Pidgeotto? Calculate Evolutions here.

Find the best Pokemon to attack with for any defender.

Want to hold your local gym as best you can? Find out the best Pokemon for defence.

Every move in the game sorted by Damage per Second (DPS). Discover which moves are the best to have.

All details for the XP required for each level, prestige required for gyms and items awarded upon level-up.

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4.12.16 Gen 2 Pokemon now factored in across the entire site. All 16 languages updated to support generation 2 Pokemon. DPS calculation changed to ignore the 500ms press and hold required since it can now be qued (increases the stated DPS for charge moves). We've got something in the works to tie together Stardust Strategy and Best Attackers.

23.11.16 All Pokemon Stats updated to yesterday's buff/nerf. Evolver, IV Calculator and entire site now reflecting new Pokemon stats.

13.11.16 Added a guide on Gen 2 Preparation. Evolver updated to also show Gen 2 Pokemon in searches. Pokemon Stats updated to included all Gen 2 Pokemon stats and max CP. Best Defenders updated to also include Gen 2 Pokemon.Catch Chance updated to latest science.

06.11.16 Added a guide on How to Dodge

30.10.16 Big update batch. Pidgey Spam updated to account for the drop in evolution time cost decreasing from 24 to 21 seconds. Russian language added. All 15 other languages updated and tweaked thanks to the awesome folks contributing to the PA Localisation. The IV Calculator and other sections have be tweaked to facilitate internationalisation better. Just crossed 17 million unique users worldwide. Leaning the backend and cleaning up for speed under the hood.

10.9.16 Stardust strategy added.

7.9.16 Buddy stats page added. Search box added to Move Sets to allow for faster searching.

28.8.16 IV Calculator updated for another optional input to limit results based on appraisal hint to best stat value.

27.8.16 Catch Chance calculator updated to factor in circle size. Maximum inputs on Pidgey Spam lifted to 100,000 for those intense Pidgey spammers. Many small site optimisations for speed.

27.8.16 Bunch of fixes. Most important is the IV calculator now shows all combinations and doesn't truncate the table past 20. Table is now sortable if you want to play with it. UI tweaks, should display better on tablets. Leaning and optimisations. Updated Trainer Gear.

24.8.16 IV Calculator updated to allow users to enter in the new information provided by Team Leaders on which of the Pokemon's stats is the best. While it will vary from Pokemon to Pokemon, the new information reduces the possible IVs by 25%-90% in most cases and has signficantly increased the chance of knowing the exact IVs on the first search.

21.8.16 Unobtainable moves added back and viewable in the Move Sets, unobtainable moves are displayed with their name strike through formatted. STAB is now applied and moves DPS is now bolded in the moveset and Best Attackers tool if STAB has been applied.

20.8.16 Movesets updated sitewide to latest versions from Niantic. We'll add back legacy movesets shortly for perspective. Minor UI changes to the IV calculator. Tweaked the Best Defender formula to not punish Pokemon with many weaknesses as much. Formula displayed at the bottom of the page.

IV Calculator updated so that you only have to choose a Pokemon and it will show you the base stats, CP, HP and slider bar without needing input valid stats to find potential IVs.

Pidgey Spam time cost updated to more accurate 24 seconds to evolve a Pokemon + 3 seconds to transfer the evolution. New XP/hour analysis added to Tips & Misc.

IV Calculator accuracy increased thanks to u/kbard. International language rollout underway.

Code changes to allow for full site internationalisation. Phase one will be localising all menus and stat names in our existing languages. If you'd like to see more of PA in your local language. Comment on the PA Localisation sheet to improve the translations. If your language isn't listed, add it by copying and completing Add a Language, then submit a link to your filled out sheet via Feedback.

Move List moves can now be expanded to show the Pokemon that have the move. Clicking on a pokemon then links to its moveset.

DPS Calculations refined, view movelist for details. Pokemon Go Gear list added.

Android Chrome users can now "Add to Homescreen" to receive stand-alone, near native appearance and offline IV Calculator functionality.

IV Calculator updated with a slider so you can view stats at different levels. It's now effectivly an IV calculator and accurate evolve calculator in one.

Input fields will now auto-clear when you select them. It's the little things in life. Much faster scanning IVs now.

All move powers updated to match version 0.31.0.

A shiny new mobile interface. We don't own every phone in the world, if you have a weird display bug, please screenshot it and submit it via Feedback.

Fixed a bug for our non-English speaking trainers. Selecting your language below will now clear chache and repopulate all the dropdowns on the site.

Added Pidgey Spam and a bunch of under the hood changes for speed.

Fixed an input bug on the Best Attackers tool for iPhone users. Updated IV Calculator to show min and max scores as well as expected Dust and Candy costs required to power up to max level.

Full Pokemon Go Moveset has been added direct from the game itself. Thank you to all those contributors who added moves over the past months. Side, note, looks like move diversity has shrunk a lot in official launch. Only 840 movesets compared to 1200 in beta.

Whole site now uses the known type tables for Pokemon Go instead of series 6 estimations. All tools now using this table.

IV Calculator updated to allow you to refine results after Power-up. Max Level CP and HP for each Pokemon also shown.

Best Attackers updated to factor in Pokemon defence, attack and move DPS. Preferences from Team Suggest tool now also exclude Pokemon you don't want to see.

Move List updated to show all moves in the game order by DPS. All move power and cast times now known.

Pokemon Stats updated. All Pokemon sorted by rarity since launch with all stats including attack scores and capture chances.

Best Defenders updated to include defence and HP scores for all Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Added new Evolver Tool. Find out if your 400CP Pidgey would be better than your 745CP Pidgetto before you risk your candy!

Added new Care Package Table recording when items are first awarded. Capture screenshots and submit them to add to the table.

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OG Contributors

Founding contributors that helped out before we started recording specific submissions, through chat channels, or contributed in ways other than data.


New Info Contributors

These trainers contributed new unseen movesets and made the site more accurate prior to all movesets being known.

New Pokemon Move Sets
Trainer Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move
Tekeve Muk Acid Dark Pulse
sungrad Lapras Ice Shard Ice Beam
Darandos Muk Poison Jab Sludge Wave
SenorMexicano Machamp Bullet Punch Stone Edge
thekangsta Charmeleon Scratch Flame Burst
Rigbeat Dragonair Dragon Breath Dragon Pulse
pokkuri33 Snorlax Lick Hyper Beam
PsycloneJoker Vileplume Razor Leaf Solar Beam
Trainer Name Uknown Tauros Zen Headbutt Horn Attack
Trainer Name Uknown Dragonite Dragon Breath Dragon Claw
Trainer Name Uknown Tauros Zen Headbutt Iron Head
Trainer Name Uknown Tauros Tackle Horn Attack
Trainer Name Uknown Tauros Zen Headbutt Earthquake
Trainer Name Uknown Marowak Rock Smash Earthquake
Trainer Name Uknown Weezing Tackle Dark Pulse
Trainer Name Uknown Omastar Water Gun Ancient Power
Finiii Clefairy Zen Headbutt Moonblast
Eywah Dragonair Dragon Breath Aqua Tail
Maesteromni Slowbro Confusion Water Pulse
Finiii Seadra Water Gun Blizzard
Trainer Name Uknown Charizard Ember Fire Blast

New Level Care Packages
Trainer Level Date
PassyFox 32 25-Jul
JasonSylvester 27 19-Jul
JasonSylvester 26 19-Jul
JasonSylvester 25 19-Jul
Trainer Name Unknown 30 17-Jul
StevePayo 7 17-Jul
RhythmAndBlues 24 17-Jul
FruitL00pz 13 14-Jul
Finiii 23 13-Jul
WSmithy 19 13-Jul
ScrobDobbins 14 12-Jul
ScrobDobbins 12 12-Jul
P0kem0nster 10 12-Jul
Trainer Name Unknown 21 12-Jul

New Level XP Requirements
Trainer Level Date
PatrickVonChica 18 16-Jul
Trainer Name Unknown 27 14-Jul
SkyHawkEcks 25 13-Jul